April 16, 2011

DS Quilts Collection: Australia-Only Prints

Since quite a few people have asked me to take proper pictures of the Australia-only DS Quilts fabrics, here they are! These were the ten fabrics in the smaller bundle so I assume they're the Australia-only ones.

(I counted 21 in the other pile so I'm guessing I'm most likely spot on.)

Hope this helps :)


Meg said...

*foams at mouth* WHY do they do these things? LOL

Anonymous said...

oh, these are my colors, really really hope to find some on etsy
Meg is totally right

Tommy said...

Yes, there are 21 US prints at Jo-Ann Fabric stores. List of prints here.

You're going to be one popular blogger cause all the US folks want the AU prints.

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

Oh my!

amy smart said...

Cool to see them!! You are a lucky duck. I am happy that those fabrics went to a loving home where they will be well looked after.


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