February 1, 2011

Memories, New And Old

We spent Sunday at our grandma's home, clearing out her cupboards and drawers... that woman had A LOT of things! Now I know where my pack rat nature comes from :)

We found an old journal of hers where she'd write her thoughts and letters to people in. It felt a little odd reading someone's journal, but it was really nice to be reminded of her kind ways. I still can't really believe she's gone... going through her things, I kept thinking we shouldn't because she'd need them. Silly me.

Our grandparents, together again :) My grandma's in that white urn... it's surreal to me that she's in there.

I actually spent most of the day keeping my little niece Lea company because she kept wanting to see what we were up to. She's so intelligent and kept asking me all sorts of questions, keeping me on my toes. Like why was I there, why did I draw on my arm (my tattoo), why were we in our grandma's room removing her things.

And yesterday we went to visit her and her parents, and had lunch with them. All she wanted to do was play... for five hours. Yikes. I could feel my womb cowering in fear lol

And as we were leaving, she kept trying to find more toys to keep us from going hehe Such a cutie :)



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