January 26, 2011

Hello From Sunny Singapore!

I got to Singapore yesterday, a little over 24 hours ago, and it's been soooo much fun being with my parents and sisters again :) I spent most of the day with my Mum and younger sister Aurelia, eating and shopping -- the two great Singapore pastimes! I can't go on about the food too much because I believe the hub's head will explode. He's already annoyed enough of about the onslaught of snow, and he doesn't need me being evil.

But FYI, it's SO good. Just sayin'.

I told my Mum that there's a quilt shop I wanted to go visit and she even knew of the place! Wonder of wonders. We went and she got a bunch of fat quarters because she'd seen the photo wall hangings I'd made my sisters (pictures to come... I'm trying to figure out this new fangled computer) and wanted one of our 'silly' faces. Mum always knows the right words to make you feel good :)

I also brought my sisters each a quilt (again, pictures to come...), and now my Dad wants one. Which I'm delighted about because I want to make my parents a quilt but Mum's just a wee bit picky when it comes to colours. But while we were at the quilt shop, we saw a quilt hanging that I thought would be great. Sort of like this... like squares in squares in squares?

Something like that, but in browns, creams... and maybe blue if she gives the okay. It may be my Dad's quilt, but my Mum has to look at it :)

Picture courtesy of Peoniagialla


karen @ badlandsquilts said...

My mom is like that too... hard to pick what she'll like. Glad you are having a good time with your family.

mascanlon said...

Food, family and fabric...a very good time!

Sammy said...

Enjoy :-)

Steven B said...

*Head explodes* I've got to go snowblow now . . . .

liberal sprinkles said...

welcome (back) to singapore! quilts and friends is a nice fabric shop too if you're doing more shopping.
Quilts and Friends
315 Outram Road #06-07 Tan Boon Lieat Building
near tiong bahru

enjoy the makan!


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