October 9, 2010

I Don't Think So My Dear

Last night we were watching TV and the hubs had turned the channel to something I didn't want to watch...

Me: "Is there something else on???"
Hubs: "What? Why?"
Me: "I don't like watching movies right from the middle, especially ones I don't really want to watch..."
Hubs: "UGH. Fine."
Me: *Grabs remote*
Hubs: "Sooooo what time do you leave for work tomorrow?"
Me: *Super evil glare* "9:20... WHY?!"
Hubs: *Chuckling* "It's like I can't wait for you to leave huh?"
Me: *NOT chuckling* "YES. YES, IT IS."

I think he's asking to get kicked.


Nicole Morris said...

I just hope its not "Shark Week" or "Deadliest Catch" or a "Ghost Hunter's Marathon". I mean a 1/2 hr of that ok interesting, but these shows are on for hourssss. And me a captive audience with my hand quilting. My husband watched Iron Chef for 6 hours last week, while I finished a hand quilting project. Good grief! I hear you sister!

Amber said...

ha ha - love the evil chuckling :-)
And my hubby usually has three movies he's watching at the same time and goes back and forth to each one during commercials...that's when I usually go play on the computer.

Live a Colorful Life said...

This is what happens at my house, because I know that the nice big TV isn't really MY TV--it's his TV. (and that's why I have my own TV in my sewing room). Anyhoo....he will go through every channel looking for something to watch. Then he goes through every channel three more times, decides there's nothing he wants to watch, and then throws the remote at me and says, "Here. Watch whatever you want." Really??

mascanlon said...

yea, the big nice flat screen is his. At this time of year its dozens of football games all weekend interspersed with the baseball playoffs. So I happily head to my sewing room and watch Bones or old movies on my little flat screen and sew!

Sandra said...

oh wait, I have to get a box of kleenex, can't stop laughing....that's my house...!


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