September 29, 2010

Quilt Along: Part Seven

We're finally going to put our quilt together!

Hopefully by now you'll have a nice stack of 12.5" and 6.5" (unfinished) blocks. As you know, I made mine out of scraps, and I love how crazy and colourful it looks.

I've mapped out where each block should go, but you can always do it your own way and put the blocks wherever you choose.

Since I'd used the same fabrics in a few of the blocks, I laid out the blocks like so to make sure the same fabrics didn't sit right next to each other. Aren't they purdy? I just love star blocks :)

And here we go with the borders! You'll need a total of 1.5 yards (well 1 3/8 yards but you'd have very little room for error when cutting and straightening out) for the borders.

1. For the first inner border, you'll need to cut two 3.5 strips, cut width of fabric (WOF).

2. Choose your centre block, which should be a diamond star block.

3. For ease of attaching the borders, lay the two 3.5" strips on top of each other and trim off the centre fold.

You should end up with four strips of 3.5" by approx 22".

4. Attach the borders to the centre block.

I started on the sides then the top and bottom,but you can go whichever direction suits you.

Press and trim as you go.

And there you have your inner borders attached! The block and borders should measure 18.5" (unfinished).

If you're just joining in, here's likes to Parts one through six.
Since this part is insanely simple, the next part will be coming up later tonight. I just wanted to separate them for reference purposes.



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