September 15, 2010

Quilt Along: Part Four

We're now all done with our 12" blocks (yay!) so we're now going to move on to our 6" blocks, starting with the nine-patch block.

In Part Three, we made nine-patch blocks for the centres of the stars, and you should have eight left over. We'll need ten nine-patch blocks altogether, so the good news is you'll only need to make two more!

I've already given the steps on how to go about making the nine-patch block, but here it is again :)

1. To make the two nine-patch blocks, you'll need six strips of 2.5" by 8" pieces from two different fabrics. (You'll only really need them to be 7.5" long but I like the extra half inch to give you some leeway.)
Fabric A: 3 pieces
Fabric B: 3 pieces

2. Swop out one of the srips from each set like so.

3. Sew the strip sets together and press.

4. Take one of your strip sets and trim one edge so you have a nice, neat line.

5. Flip it around and cut three 2.5" strips.

You'll end up with a little extra at the end. Set the three 2.5" strips, discard the extra bit.

Repeat with the other strip set, and you should end up with six 2.5 strips.

6. Swop out one strip from each of the strip sets.

7. Sew them together and press.

You've now finished all your nine-patch blocks :)

Since this bit's fairly simple, I'll post the next part in a couple days!

If you're just joining in, here are the links to Part One, Part Two and Part Three of the Quilt-Along.

Let me know if you have any questions!!


Simone de Klerk said...

These are fast to make between all the other adventrues!

joe tulips said...

The directions sound like we sew the 9 patches together....does that mean only sew 9 patches but not to each other???


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