August 7, 2010

What I've Been Up To

One of my little nieces is turning three on Sunday and I made her a couple of little pressies :)

She's been obsessed with princesses so this dress was an absolute necessity! It's a cheater dress though... I bought the fabric all smocked, so all I had to do was sew up the sides and put on some straps.

I hope she gets some wear out of it while it's still summer. She's taken to wearing dresses because I always wear dresses and she told her momma she wants to wear pretty dresses like Audrie. AWWWW :)

By the way, her momma's been planning a princess party and we've had many, many conversations on decor, cupcakes etc. Yesterday morning my niece informed her momma that she wanted a Tinkerbell party. You can just imagine the panic that ensued lol

Remember that little teaser from a few days ago? Well here it is! I made a little bunting wall hanging for her room... some of the fabrics used for the bunting are in the quilt I made her last year.

Lastly, a quilt commissioned by my niece's momma. It's a baby quilt that's Seuss-inspired. She decided she'd get the fabrics herself and fretted over the colours for EVER. I finally told her just gimme it and I'll work it out hehe

I started last night, keeping in mind to make it wonky without being too wonky just in case the baby's parents aren't really into severe wonkiness. The blocks will probably get moved around but I quite like how it looks so far :)


Live a Colorful Life said...

My granddaughter will be 4 in September and right after her 3rd birthday, she informed everyone she wanted a pink princess party. Cool. As of last week she "hates" pink, loves purple and blue, and wants a party with rainbow colors. Bummer. I had already purchased two princess books. Oh, well. She's getting them anyway. LOVE the dress, and the wall hanging AND the super cool Seuss-inspired blocks.

Amber said...

The quilt looks amazing - perfect for a Dr. Suess theme! That little mini quilt is too cut e- I love the little bunting!

Aurelia said...

LOOOOOVE the hanging quilt babe! She's sooo gonna love it! =)

Angela Nash said...

Great gifts! Your banner turned out so cute.

Rebekah said...

cute dress! I was just thinking about these cheater smocks the other day. It's a shame I can't wear them because it would be a great way to add a lot of easy sew dresses to my wardrobe :)


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