August 25, 2010

Pretty In Purple

Remember the ladybug quilt I recently finished for the hub's co-worker's newborn niece?

Well she decided that the newborn's big sister ought to have something too, so last week I made her a little dress.

I'm not too fond of making non-quilt things because I always think things turn out looks like I sewed them in the dark. But this dress is super easy so I didn't mind. The little girl it's for loves purple so that made the fabric choice rather simple.

I think it's well-documented that I love dots.

I added some lace to the top and bottom because without it, I thought it looked far too boring.

The aunt's thrilled with it, so hopefully the little girl (whom I hear is preeeetty picky!) likes it too :)


gale said...

It's gorgeous! Did you gather that top on your own or was it that pregathered stuff? I always want to try the elastic-thread-in-the-bobbin method but I'm skeered.

Manda said...

Aww thats such a sweet little dress :)

Meg said...

Audrie, that definitely does NOT look like you were sewing in the dark! I'm green (purple?) with envy at your skill!

amylouwhosews said...

little girl's dresses are so fun! They always look cute on them to boot. Adorable!

by Daisy said...

i absolutely love it and i'm sure the lucky girl it's for will too.
you should consider trying non-quilting things more often, you're good at it!!!

Rebekah said...

so adorable! That lace accent is perfect!


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