August 27, 2010

Made Up My Mind

The UPS man brought me pretty things from Sweden today!

Oh hello shoes! Or shall I say, hej!

Okay so I took FOREVER to decide on a colour. My first choice was the red because I love red and I have a million red shoes to prove it. Red shoes that sit in the closet and never see the light of day. Except one pair that I wear to work sometimes because they're flat and comfy.

Then on the other hand, I also have a million black shoes, but they get worn a lot. Plus I used to be the Queen of Goth, so ya know.

And so what I'm saying is, I went the boring, practical route. Don't hate me.

Hellooooooooo peep toes in black! They smell all leathery and woodish. I'm not certain they actually smell good because I'm completely drunk on shoe love.

Why, thank you! The Swedish are so polite.

They fit! Perfectly :)

I think I'm going to wear socks while I wear them in because the leather's still stiff, and I get blisters so easily. Blisters you can see from space.

The hubs and I have a date tonight so guess what I'll be tottering around on! :)


Live a Colorful Life said...

Ooh, very nice! Have fun on your date. You will look spectacular!

CitricSugar said...

Cute! Even if they're not red. :-)

Averil said...

if i was the same shoe size as you, i would definitely steal them from you! i waaaaaaaaaaaant!!!!!!!!!!


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