August 17, 2010

Eggy Goodness

A few weeks ago the hubs asked if I'd make more egg dishes. The man really loves his eggs... he'll boil six to eight at a time and eat them standing over the kitchen sink. Pure class.

So I've been making lots of frittata but I was thinking perhaps I need to make something for brunch over the weekend.

German pancakes popped into my mind... and I remembered a recipe on Smitten Kitchen.

Shh. Let me just look at them in silence for a minute.

I need to make this soon.

Very, VERY soon.

Pictures courtesy of Smitten Kitchen.


CitricSugar said...

Now so do I. Oh, yum!

Unknown said...

Why don't you try a spanish Tortilla? Eggs, potatoes and onions for the simple one, or just add some vegetables like peppers or zucchini for the yummiest one. Let me know and I send you the recipe.

leigh said...

I make this all the time because they're so easy and everyone always loves them. Really Swedish pancakes are my fave, but I never have time for them. This is an excellent substitute.


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