August 28, 2010


Last night before bed I dreamed of eating German pancakes for brunch today. But we had no strawberries, so I wrote my husband a note that read something like "If you go buy a punnet of strawberries, I'll make us something yummy. P/S: You're pretty."

Flattery will get you everywhere. Suckaaaa...

I made a little amendment to the baking time and temp... I ended up only baking the pancakes for 20 minutes at 375F (190C if my sisters want to make this) instead of Deb's instructions because I have a pretty hot oven. Seems like it did the job perfectly :)

While they baked, I sliced the strawberries and macerated them in a little sugar because they were a tiny bit tart.

I didn't tell my husband what we were having. He kept swanning into the kitchen with eager eyes, declaring that it smelled good. But I stood my ground. And I'm happy I managed to surprise him because he was in awe when they came out of the oven. He was so gleeful and happily spooned strawberry slices into his pancake.

We had the maple syrup out but didn't end up needing it. And it's pretty embarrassing how quickly we wolfed these down :)

Also embarrassing -- The hubs brought home doughnuts from work on Thursday and I put them in the oven that night so the ants wouldn't get to them. Totally forgot about them and I kind of only remembered them when I smelled something burning when I was preheating the oven.

True story.


CitricSugar said...

Smooth note! They look absolutely delicious.... (mouth watering...)

And on leaving things in the oven, I do it all the time. It runs in the family and includes broiler pans, leftover pancakes, and a plastic-bag-wrapped pan of brownies (messy). I also forget to reposition shelves before preheating.... You are not the only one. :-)

Kim D. said...

Oh, those look so delicious. I've made german pancakes before, but mine didn't turn out looking that good. I used apples. Care to share your recipe?

mascanlon said...

I love German pancakes, haven't made them in a while and now I'm inspired. We have the strawberries and even a few blueberries to I'm set for the wow factor too!

Chris said...

We don't usually make German pancakes (unless they are potato pancakes) but we do make German waffles often. I wonder if it is the same recipe.

Unknown said...

I just made the pancake for myself... it is cooking in the oven right now and making my place smell wonderful. Thanks for sharing the recipe. :) I'm having mine with semi-sweet chocolate chips! :)

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Aurelia said...

When Ave and I are there in Oct, you WILL make this for us. Oh yes you will.


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