July 26, 2010

Weekend Fun

Over the weekend we went to the hub's cousin's 30th birthday bash and it was so much fun, despite the heat and humidity.

(Also fun -- discovering that my hair does indeed go poofy when it's humid. Diana Ross would've been proud.)

Vegetarians, please look away. Scroll, scroll as fast as you can...

They had some friends roast a whole pig and it was a sight to behold. In Singapore we'd roast little suckling pigs, but this guy was pretty large. And delicious. Mostly delicious.

Lucy the dog made off with an ear so she was a happy camper. So cute :)

The birthday boy is a huge golf fanatic so the golf cake was very necessary.

So fun! I'm responsible for the cupcakes over yonder... they were just vanilla cupcakes with green icing and a little yogurt-covered raisin for the ball. I wish I'd had my camera with me when my little niece took a huge bite and her face was all green lol That stuff does NOT come off easily by the way!

And a friend got a little itty bitty Boston terrier a few weeks ago and I finally got to meet her. So flipping cute. Everyone, Sookie. Sookie, everyone. Can you tell my friend is a huge True Blood fan? Heehee!

How was everyone's weekend?


Rebekah said...

oh my goodness! That poor pig!!

The cute golf cupcakes and adorable Boston Terrier make up for the first two photos though so I will forgive you for posting that! :)


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