July 31, 2010

Best Saturday Ever!

Look what I got in the mail! All the way from Portugal!

(By the way my husband is obsessed with the fact that I received something from Portugal, ripped off that red sticker and stuck it on the fridge. I'm married to a 5-year-old...)

Margarida, a very sweet reader who's become a friend, sent me a little gift! It's a book cover because I'd once said I hated dog ears on my books lol! So awesome!

(Umm... if any jewellers are reading, I hate how small my diamonds are...?)

(Just kidding, honey!)

It's sooooo pretty :) I can't say enough how tickled I am with this! Thanks Margarida! You're awesome!

And then we took off to Northampton (yes, again) because we needed our fix. A fantastic time was had even though 1. we forgot to check the parking meter and got a ticket... bullpuckey; 2. I've got a terrific rash from walking about in the sun.

I found a pretty cool quilting book for $5 and the hubs found a Henry James book he'd been looking for on clearance for only $2! He pulled out his little list and exclaimed, "Look honey! I can cross this one off my list now!" LOL!

And we chanced upon this dude making huge bubbles in an alley.

Some boys on bikes came by and were so gleefully bursting bubbles, and asked if he had to get a permit to make bubbles lol

His response? "Err... they... uhhh... don't really... uhhh... have permits for making... bubbles".

You know I laughed out loud.

So awesome :)


LaRee said...

Love the book cover! And the bubble are awesome. They better not have to have a permit lol

mascanlon said...

Love the bubbles! Sounds like a perfect weekend all the way around.

Greg said...

Thats a great looking book cover and the bubbles are great. I once sat on my front steps and blew bubbles at the drunk people as they walked by on St. Patty's day.. Freaked them out! Watch out, because of your post, permits will be required for bubbles as they can cause a serious injury if one explodes in your eye.

Rebekah said...

what a cute book cover! Book covers are so European...it's a shame we don't use them more here.


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