June 5, 2010

Staying Out On A School Night

On Thursday we headed to Milford, CT to see The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (POBPAH). After a nice long day at work. Emphasis on the long. My husband admits it wasn't his best idea. I still want to poke him with a sharp stick.

Now, I'm a well-documented city girl. Driving 15 minutes is about all I can stand. If I like you enough, I'll drive 30, maybe 45. Outside of that, you're just pushing it.

But my husband was really excited so I drove the 45 minutes to meet him in New Britain, then took a 50 minute drive to Milford. He drove the second leg because I just plain ol' refused :)

While waiting in line to get into the club, the hubs realised Alex from POBPAH was standing right next to us. I took a picture for comparison.

(If you're wondering about the fire engine in the background, a chick on a bicycle got knocked over by a douche in a car. He's a douche because HE DROVE OFF. Asshat. She's okay, as far as we could tell.)

Then the hubs got even more excited when the other members of POBPAH were standing in front of us at the club. The guy holding the papers is the lead singer.

That's them in action. I'm incapable of taking good pictures of bands in concert.

The other two bands that played were pretty good too... with equally interesting names. Surfer Blood and Hooray for Earth. I had a pretty good time.... I always love going to gigs. I would've enjoyed the evening a lot more if I wasn't so sleepy. I kind of fell asleep three times. Oops. We got home at 1:30am and I fell asleep as soon as my little head hit the pillow.


Amber said...

Sounds like a fun night - too bad it was after a long day - those are always tough! And what a bozo that hit and run guy was!! Glad the girl was ok!


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