April 14, 2010

Walk In The Woods

Well, in my yard anyway. I don't really go outdoors much (I got a bug bite while I was out there so I'm staying indoors for the foreseeable future) but I saw all the pops of colours and had to go look.

I know they're weeds, but they're so cheery!

The tulips beside the mailbox are starting to bloom. Love that shade of red :)

And one lonely pink one has bloomed in the little garden I plant annuals in.

Proof that I was in the sun. I'm good for at least a month now.

I snapped this picture, heard the stupid wild turkeys gob-gob-gobbling, and ran into the house as quickly as my little legs would take me. And I'm pretty sure I saw something move on the other side of the yard.


Terriaw said...

Beautiful walk in the woods... and your yard! I think I have the exact same red tulips. You crack me up about the turkey gobbling nearby.

chrishart80 said...

You are too funny, Nature Girl!!

Joanna Goddard said...

haha, what a funny and cute post! :)

josie said...

I love being outdoors but I so get what you are saying. Hate the bugs. Plus it it takes up valuable sewing time. I just checked out your beautiful shop. Love all your quilts there. So pretty.

Dee said...

spent the afternoon outside. wishing I had seen a turkey. oh, wait. I did. the weird neighbor on his treadmill in the garage. lol

jk Gale

Averil said...

i think the two fuzzballs you have in your home are wayyyy more dangerous... *grin*

bingo~bonnie said...

ooough beautiful photos of the tulips throats.
thanks for sharing!


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