March 26, 2010

Wishful Thinking

In the car last night I was telling my husband I hope to save up and buy my sewing machine within the next four to six months.

Hubs: "Oh just go buy it already. Just do it!"
Me: "I can't... I'm going to save up first."
Hubs: "Come on, how much could it be... $200? $300?"
Me: "Umm... like $1,400... and up?"
Hubs: ............
Me: "Yup."

Men are such silly creatures.

And don't worry, he recovered from the shock in a very timely fashion.


oversewn (Raven) said...

hahahahaha!! Like so many conversations in our house..... Oh, and I'm looooving the HV quilt. :)

Jewel said...

Hehe... I am selling my Asian Ball Jointed dolls to buy a new mid arm machine, frame and Ipad. Luckily the dolls are worth more than the machne LOL

DIDI said...

From this post I can tell your husband is very young. If I said that all of a sudden to mine he would have a heart attack!

Rebekah said...

funny! Sounds like conversations between Jon and I


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