January 16, 2010

Northampton: The Traumatised Husband Edition

We went to Northampton again today and I made my husband try on stupid hats.

Look at the misery on that face. If I weren't laughing so hard I'd feel bad.

For the first time ever, I managed to take pictures of our food instead of breathing it in like we always do. Fish tacos for me, chicken enchilada for the hubs.

Two seconds later.

Blueberry bagel with cream cheese. So yum.

I spied a quilt pattern on the seat cover of the bagel shop hehe

And burp cloths at Essentials (one of the cutest shops ever) made out of Katie Jump Rope!

The piece de resistance... Almond tarts from Bakery Normand. The. Best. Almond. Tart. EVER.


Angela Nash said...

Well now I'm hungry! Looks like it was a fun and filling trip ;)

CaryManda said...

I love his face with the monkey hat. he looks as if you might have been squeezing something. :D

I made Cary buy blueberry bagels yesterday for me.

Rebekah said...

I totally want a quilt just like the pinwheel pattern in the seat upholstery...good eye!

Christine said...

I was perusing your blog and that photo just cracked me up!! Lord love our husbands! HA! All your hubby needs is a pair of my sock monkey slippers- a silly gift from my husband on Martin Luther King Day since he had the day off and I didn't. (I have a picture of them posted on my blog stitchniches.blogspot.com on 1/21). ~Christine


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