January 27, 2010

I Still Celebrate In My Heart

My grandfather would've been 89 today. He left us in 2001 very unexpectedly, and I still miss him. I miss his cheeky grin, his infectious laugh, and how he loved us all.

I was in Australia when he passed and I never got to say goodbye. I know it's not my fault, but I wish I could've told him one last time how much he meant to me and that I loved him dearly. And I wish he got to meet my husband. He would've loved him.

(Oh geez here come the waterworks...)

Anyway, the one thing he really loved and that will always remind me of him is the durian. He had even had a tree out in the backyard. You see those spikes? We were always reminded never to walk under the tree when he had us weed his garden or we'd get brained. I remember when his tree started bearing fruit, he was sooooo excited.

Non-Asians think durian is the worst stink in the world. Most Asians think that of cheese. I think that's funny. (I like cheese but I draw the line at Limburger. Which the husband likes. Weirdo.)

Picture from here.


Angela Nash said...

What a wonderful Birthday wish for your Grandfather. I'm sure he would have liked your spreading of the durian love for him. Very interesting read! And banned on Singapore mass transit even...it looks like a cute hedgehog. But after reading up, I fear it would taste like one, too. Probably something you have to grow up with to love.

Vicki said...

(((hugs))) on your Grandfather's birthday. Both of my grandpas are still alive, but my grandmas died in 1992 and 2003. I miss them a lot.

Aurelia said...

Me too. Couldn't stop thinking of Kong Kong the whole of yesterday. I kept remembering his insisting that we all eat fish cos it's brain food and him yelling at the tv during the news.

Rebekah said...

How sweet! Happy Birthday to your Grandpa. I've never tried Durian fruit before, but will have to give it a try the next time I see it at the store.

My grandma passed away one year ago today. I will always remember her and her Dr. Scholl's sandals :)

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

thanks for sharing your story... i still celebrate birthdays of those i've lost too.. it feels like a day where i can celebrate their life.

Tong said...

I know this was a post from a while ago, but I was just reading through your blog on my reader, and wanted to tell you that I feel the exact same way about my grandma who passed away in 2001. I was in Canada when she passed away in Beijing and I never got to say goodbye to her either, and the waterworks come out every time I think of her (and just when I was hoping that no one walks by my desk right now, 2 people came over to talk to me, and I had to hold back the sniffling!). Thanks for sharing your grandpa's birthday, I'm sure he knows just how much you love him even if you didn't get to tell him that one more time.


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