December 6, 2009

First Snowfall

We had our first snowfall yesterday. It's pretty and all that, but it's still not something I'm used to, and I'm a grump when it starts melting and gets all slushy. Plus my boots get all wet and icky. Not cool snow, not cool.
But, while the snow's all nice and pretty, I enjoy it. Here's pictures of the backyard and deck. And my polka dot gardening wellies.

Note to self: Don't wear wellies without socks when going out in snow. Frostbite* = sad Aud.

* No toes were hurt in the making of this post.


Greg said...

Ahhh snow... We're expecting our 2nd snowfall in a few days... Supposed to be "bad"... Oh well I'm ready.... Nice Wellies!! Mine are just brown... no dots,spots or other colors... Bummer I know..

Aurelia said...

I can't choose which is worse, the extreme cold you guys have over there or the horrible over 38' C we have here in Oz. Ugh. bet you don't miss the blazing sun here.

Rebekah said...

cute shoes...we're still waiting for our first snowfall her...I'm getting antsy


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