October 20, 2009

Wonky Beep Beep Quilt... And Another Wonky Zoo Pool Quilt

The two reasons I've been slightly quiet around these parts lately... wonky quilts!

The Wonky Beep Beep quilt's finally done, and I think I like it! I still struggle with wonk, so the blocks don't vary in size and shape all that much. I did make the inner squares of different sizes, so hopefully that adds some wonk.

For the binding I went with a dot print from the Beep Beep line.

I used a navy blue dot for the back. Dot on dot... love it!

Another Wonky Zoo Pool quilt. A lady on Etsy accidentally purchased the one I had listed and reserved for another buyer, and agreed to wait for me to make another one for her. And here it is :)

See that backing fabric? I got it at Ikea a couple months ago. There was enough for two quilt backings, and I'd used them all up. Then this lady ordered the quilt and I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to find the fabric anymore since I'd bought the second to last bolt. I looked everywhere for a fabric similar enough to use in its place... to no avail. So I made my way to Ikea, thinking there's no way that bolt's still there. And there it was. Sitting right on top of the pile. Lovely :)

I just received another order for the same quilt on Etsy this morning. The quilt's proving quite popular... it'd be the fourth I'll make. I don't really fancy making the same quilt for different people, so I try to make things a little different here and there, but it always seems to be that I'm the only one who can tell the difference lol Ah well!


Robin said...

You have been busy! They are both fabulous! But I do especially love the Beep Beep version. :) Have a fun mini-break!

Greg said...

I didn't know Ikea sold fabric.. Okay so I've NEVER been in an Ikea before (no many of 'em 'round these here parts). Next trip to the "big city'
and I'll be sure to stop. BTW, thats a great looking quilt. Almost as nice as my table runner. :)-

fabricartist21 said...

What adorable quilts and so different!! I love them.

Amanda Jean said...

they are wonderful quilts! hurray for the fabric find at IKEA! i love it when things like that happen. :)

Rebekah said...

beautiful! It's fun to see how different color schemes change the overall look of a quilt. The red, white and blue quilt is striking!


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