October 27, 2009

Now You Know Where He Gets It

My mum-in-law popped by this afternoon to drop off roasted chickens she bought from Costco. I just bought one and made a huge thing of chicken salad so I only took one to use in a stew or something. There's only so much chicken salad I can handle. But I digress.

We had this little exchange that still cracks me up.

Her: "Do you want a booty call?" Me: "WHAT?"
Her: "A booty call. Do you want one?"
Me: "Umm... Do you know what a booty call is?"
Her: "Oh my god! No! I meant Pirate's Booty!"
Me: "Oh geez."
Her: "So do you want one?"

So now you know, it's hereditary.


wishes, true and kind said...

Definitely! LOL!

Unknown said...

I love you already. This conversation with you MIL is too funny. My side is hurting from laughing. I need to have a good laugh after a long day of construction around here.

No, boot call in the house here tonight.


amylouwhosews said...

oh my gosh! That is hilarious!

That's like my aunt telling her kids she got a blow job at the end of the automatic car wash. Um, yeah - she meant the car got dried off.... awkward!!

Is that too much info? You don't have to post this if you don't want to!

Greg said...

Thats funny.. The in-laws always make for some funny stories.

Dee said...

Funny how genetics will get you every time...our apples don't fall from the trees here either! LOL

Unknown said...

Very funny!

Rebekah said...

oh no, I don't know what I would do if my mil asked me that!

Amber said...

Audrie - this is so hilarious! My husband does this sometimes to since English isn't his first language.


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