October 8, 2009

I Hate Unscheduled Sewing Breaks

Last night our power went out a few times, and the fourth time, it stuck. It was 10:30pm, and I was in the midst of putting together the backing for the third quilt... so of course I was delighted. Bah.

It went from "Ooh the power went out! Oh hey it's back on! Haha!" to "Oh my god this is bullshit! They'd better hurry up and fix this, dammit!!!" very, very quickly. We sat in the dark, under our quilts, and grumbled for a little while... then just talked :)

It reminded me of the time I was working in Singapore and flew to Australia to see Tori Amos and visit my sisters (in no particular order, ahem) in 2005, and both the power and water were out. We partied like it was 1699. We had to sit and talk to each other... which I must say was a nice change. You tend to forget about good, ol' conversations when there's a television involved.

Anyhow, our power came back on sometime past 2am this morning. I felt the hubs moving around, fixing the time on his electronic alarm clock. By the way, I've never had one and I can't understand the logic of one. If the power goes out while you sleep, however do you wake up on time? I have two old-fashioned alarm clocks, and my mobile phone to rely on. Whether I wake up or not is completely up to me... *coughcoughbecauseIsleeplikealogcoughcough*

I'm just thankful the power came back on... I was in knots all night wondering how I'd finish my quilts without electricity.

My table as I abandoned it last night... back to work I go :)


Greg said...

You'd think in this day and age we could have
uninterrupted utility services. Its sad that in the 21st century, we're still dealing with 19th century delivery systems. In the newer parts of town here all the lines are underground, so why can't they dig a hole a bury the rest of them? I've got to stop thinking logically...

Rebekah said...

I hate it when power goes on and off like that! How annoying to have interrupted quilting time like that!


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