September 1, 2009

A Quilt For The Hubs

Remember my picnic quilt? Well it's been repurposed for my couch lap quilt because 1. I needed one, 2. I couldn't bring myself to lay it on the ground, and 3. Who was I kidding about having a picnic outdoors?
Anyway, I've been cosied up on the couch with my quilt and my husband started pouting that he'd like one too please.

I think I'm going to use navy and orange dots. I used the red version of this on my quilt so maybe they'd look like a pair on the couch. I've been dying to use the orange so I'm in glee that I finally get to.


Aurelia said...

Navy and blue is a great combi. It always reminds me of New Balance!

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

my other half would love anything in those colors.. syracuse & denver broncos!


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