August 20, 2009

Speed Quilting

I've never finished a quilt quite so fast before. Last Friday, an old friend in Singapore commissioned a quilt for her little boy and I figured if I could finish it before Friday, my sister could take it back and save her on shipping. Problem was, she wanted very specific things for the quilt so there was plenty of back and forth, plus there was the whole Boston trip to delay everything nicely.

Eventually we settled on something, and I quilted like I've never quilted before. I finished a little while ago and my eyes are kind of glazed over. But it's well worth it because it came out great, and I have plenty of time to wash and dry it :)

The above picture is from this morning when I was midway through piecing it. My friend asked if I'd personalise it, so I wrote in my best cursive and embroidered it. Pictures of the finished quilt to come tomorrow.



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