August 9, 2009

Rose's Berry Farm

We took a little drive to South Glastonbury for brunch at Rose's Berry Farm. The hubs and I had gone there last fall and thought my sister would enjoy the food and the views.

My sister ordered french toast...

I got waffles. They come with blueberries and whipped cream... I hate my waffle going soggy so I got my blueberries on the side. In the fall you get the choice of apples too. The hubs got quiche. He's an odd one.

The views from the terrace where we ate.

I might go back to pick apples this year. I'm about to start drooling, thinking of all the apple pies and apple crisps that would result in.


Joanna Goddard said...

mmmm, that french toast looks ridiculously delicious.


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