August 14, 2009

My Tardy Birthday Gift

My youngest sister finally received her birthday presents from us! We were extremely tardy sending them, and now the short Australian winter has ended. Oops. My poor sister will probably be sweating bullets while 'enjoying' my gift!

I was so excited to finish the quilt and pop it in the post that I completely forgot to take pictures. So my sister did the honours.

It's a fairly large lap quilt, about 55" by 70", so she could use it on her bed as well as the couch. I did both sides slightly different, and the one with the block is by far my favourite.

Our other sister sent her a Superheadz Blackbird Camera, and she's beyond thrilled because she's wanted one for ages. I love it when people get exactly what they want.

This is the other side of the quilt. As I'd mentioned in my previous post about this quilt, it was pretty daunting to not use too many prints since my sister requested solids in blue, black and grey. I snuck some prints in there anyway, and thankfully she likes them. I did the circle quilting because stippling really isn't her style. I hid a square in there somewhere... she found it with some prompting :)


Aurelia said...

THANK YOU BOTH!! I loooove my present! *kiss kiss*

Amanda Jean said...

i love that quilting so much! what a great gift for your sister.

Rebekah said...

beautiful quilt! I love the circle looks fabulous!


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