August 1, 2009

I Heart Rainbows

The sky was beautiful tonight, aglow with orange. And I spotted a faint rainbow in the distance... I have a great love of rainbows and I've missed seeing them. I seem to catch sight of many more living in Australia for some reason.

I'd like to think the rainbow's to make up for all the rain we got today, causing us to cancel a family cookout. But no matter, it's only postponed till tomorrow. I'm bringing a strawberry shortcake trifle and coleslaw. And maybe brownies, if I'm feeling saucy.

(This is my 200th post. I didn't think I'd get there so quickly but apparently I talk a lot.)


Snooky doodle said...

I love rainbows too :)

Victoria said...

Lovely. I live in a valley and have seen more rainbows then I can count, and yet each time a new one appears after a rain, I am as excited and awed by it as if it were my first.


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