August 16, 2009

Good To Be Home

We have returned from Boston! A great time was had despite the horrendous heat, but we're happy to be home sweet home.

A few highlights...

We've never been to Boston without visiting Mr. Bartley's. Their sweet potato fries are ridiculously amazing. Oh, and I tried their orange creamsicle frappe for the first time... I'm still recovering from its awesomeness.

My sister got cupcakes from Sweet. Very, very pretty cupcakes, and pretty yummy. If you like lots of icing, this is the place for you. I'm not a fan of icing so I removed mine.

We stayed on Stuart Street. At the corner of Stuart and Arlington is the most gorgeous steakhouse I'd ever seen -- Smith & Wollensky.

Where everybody knows your name.

John Harvard and his shiny toe. My sister refused to rub his toe and then a tour group descended upon the statue so we had to abort the mission.

We had an inpromptu law lesson from the hubs about negative easement (easement of light in this case), the Trinity Church, and why the John Hancock Tower is all shiny. My eyes glazed over but I suppose I was kind of listening.

I know when I ask my sister to pose for a picture, I am setting myself up for this brand of cheekiness.

Yeah, I don't get this one.


Anonymous said...

I am SO jealous!!


Penny said...

Mmm the cupcakes!

monkeytoes said...

yum yum ;P

Rebekah said...

Ooh, we'll have to check out Mr. Bartley's when we're in Boston this fall


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