July 17, 2009

Me And My Girls

Would you believe that up till when my sister snapped this picture, I'd never had a picture with my girls before? Shocking.

I celebrated by trying to eat Matilda.

Oh and that American Gothic picture is actually a cross-stitch. I wish I had time to get back to doing cross-stitch. Maybe in the winter.


PinkBalloons&Macaroons said...

love the cross stitch! cool! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!! hugs!! Britt :-)

Aurelia said...

can you cross-stitch me a picture of Joseph Gordon Levitt and I standing at the altar getting married? kthansxbai

Anonymous said...

Hi Audrie,
Your cats are so beautiful! I also have two cats and one of them is also a blue bicolor ragdoll.
Could you please tell me where you bought that nice computer stand you're using? I need one just like that (also to accommodate the cats on the couch!) Thanks a lot!
(if you prefer sending me an email, it's:
mail (at) rebek.net


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