July 6, 2009

Magic Mailbox

Look what I found in my mailbox today!

For my belated birthday present, my mother said to buy a dress or shoes, or both from Anthropologie while my sister's here for a visit later this month. I thought about it and decided that I own way more clothes and shoes than one person ought to. I know, I know, I'm had an aneurysm as I wrote that, but it's the truth. We're not even talking bags, of which I own many. Shame shame.

So I suggested to Mum that fabric would be a better way to go. She gave the thumbs up and I ordered them online where they're discounted, and I had discount coupons too (yay for coupons!). These are only half of what I ordered... the rest will arrive later this week I'm sure.

The magazine isn't part of her present of course... I'm just excited that a new Real Simple arrived today. Yes, I'm aware that I'm a full on dork.


Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

fabric is the best present ever! enjoy your new goodies!

Anonymous said...

i'm so ordering myself a Maserati for my birthday!!

Pretty fabric, though =D



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