June 14, 2009

Current Obsession: Black Nail Polish

Lately I've been itching to paint my nails black again. No, I haven't returned to my goth days -- those days are long gone.

I don't know if it's in vogue nor do I care... the only thing stopping me is that when you paint your nails a darker colour, it tends to get all over your cuticles etc and is so annoying to remove. Plus I do quite a bit around the house so when it chips, it's painfully obvious.

I haven't painted my nails black in over three years... to paint, or not to paint. That is the question. I made the mistake of wondering out loud to my mum-in-law and she gave me quite the withering look. It's quite likely I'll succumb to this urge, so she'll just have to deal. I'll be nice and do it after tomorrow's family reunion though.

Picture from The Washingtonian.


Anonymous said...

midnight blue all the way, baby!!



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