March 17, 2009

Things That Make You Go Aww

Earlier this month, my hub's cousin's baby boy finally arrived to greet us. So I felt the need to knit him tiny, little things. They seriously make my womb weep.
    Slightly less sweet, I spied one of our toilet paper rolls sporting a little heart in its middle. I thought that was cute. Like I've said before, I'm easily amused. Side note: I'd originally wanted to make these toilet paper holders for sale at the store, but everyone who's seen it kind of looks at me quizzically. And by everyone, I mean my mum-in-law. I think they're cute and having grown up with them in Singapore, they're perfectly normal to me. I might do a couple and see what happens though.


CaryManda said...

HA! I thought, HOW CUTE! how did she manage to get that heart therE?!



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