March 1, 2009

Bracing Myself

I hear killing ladybugs brings bad luck. Hence the title. We had two ladybugs living in our bathroom for the past couple weeks, and I thought that was cute. We had bathroom pets! Who wouldn't that?

The other day I'm washing my face, and one of them decides to dive into the sink... and got washed down. I told my hubs and he muttered something about staying away from me in case bad luck befell me.

Then yesterday the other bug, possibly having lost its lust for life after its partner went byebyes, got squished on our bath mat. Now, I don't know if it was my husband or I who did the actual squishing since we were in there at the same time.

Poor little ladybugs... I kind of miss them. Everyday I'd play the Find-The-Ladybug game because they'd be in a different corner of the bathroom.

Yeah, I need a life. You're right.



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