January 18, 2009

Fashion Inspiration: Sunday Edition

Sometimes, a girl needs fashion inspiration. Even though my wardrobe is stuffed to the gills (the hubs will attest to this... oh so vehemently), I sometimes feel as if I have nothing to wear. Don't you? It does make me a tiny bit sad because it feels like a big snore. And I admit it does make me feel petty and slightly guilty for having such emotion about clothing and fashion, but there's something to be said about putting on pretty clothes and feeling good, no?

I browse street fashion blogs and as amazing as all the clothes are, I can't imagine sporting most of it. But then there are those few that just warm your heart and make you smile really wide.

I just adore that big scarf. I have a huge scarf in a black basketweave, and perhaps I'm in need of one in a lighter colour now? And that bag? Want. It. Badly.

Absolutely love everything about this. Oh, and she's quite pregnant. I'd say about 7 months along. I know, I know. How dare she, putting us non-preggers to utter shame.

[Pictures from Glamcanyon and My Daily Style]


Aurelia said...

Hi Che, check out www.styleandthecity.com/. beautiful city shots as well as candid shots of fashion on the streets. Love ya!

Audrie said...

Amazing site! Thanks sweetie... I love the way French women dress. So effortless and minimalistic yet tres magnifique! Hehe! *muak* Love you too :D


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